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Relax, unwind, and revitalize your senses here at Le Spa by Sophie in Arcadia, California. From facials and massages to permanent makeup and body slimming treatments, we have excellent beauty and wellness services just for you. Count on our licensed practitioners to help you reduce stress and maintain your young and vibrant look.

What We Offer

Advanced Facials

  • 芬香理療護理 Aromatherapy Facial
  • 深層淨化護理 Clarifying Facial
  • 海洋保水護理 Hydra Moisture Facial
  • 抗老防皺護理 Anti-Aging Facial
  • 美白柔嫩護理 Skin-Brightening Facial

  • 抗敏修護護理 Anti-Redness Facial
  • 細胞強化護理 Galvanic/LED/Ultrasonic Facial
  • 熱帶酵素護理 Tropical Enzyme Facial
  • 凍療活血護理 Thermo and Cryotherapy Facial
  • 海洋緊實護理 Sea Lifting C Facial

Add-On Services

  • 毛皮潔淨術 Dermaplaning/Threading
  • 眼部加強護理 Eye Contour Treatment
  • 延長淨痘時間 Extra Extraction
  • 光彩換膚 PCA Peels Treatment
  • 背部淨化護理 Back Facial

  • Pressure and Tension Relief: Head
  • Pressure and Tension Relief: Shoulders
  • Pressure and Tension Relief: Hands
  • Pressure and Tension Relief: Feet

Signature Treatments

  • 草本換膚護理 Herbal Active Peel Treatment
  • 鑽石致雕護理 Diamond/Crystal Microdermabrasion
  • 皮膚緊致護理 Micro-Roller Treatment
  • 特殊抗痘護理 Acne Resolution Treatment
  • 活氧修護護理 Pure Oxygen Treatment
  • 玉石拉皮護理 Oriental Jade Skin Lifting Treatment
  • 強化彈力護理 A+ Collagen Treatment
  • 活細胞重建護理 Stem Cell Treatment

Machine Treatments

回春拉皮護理 Facial Machine Treatments

  • REF Skin Tightening Treatment
  • Tri-P Skin Tightening Treatment
  • DAMD Pumping Collagen Treatment 
  • TCW Skin Spot Lighting Treatment
  • Tri-A Skin Soothing Treatment

美體塑形護理 Body Machine Treatment

  • Tummy Fat Cellulite Reduce Treatment
  • Saggy Arm Reshaping Treatment

  • LED Pad Body Detox Treatment
  • Bio-E Body Contouring Treatment

Massage Therapies

  • 歐式按摩 Classic Swedish Massage
  • 深層按摩 Customized Deep Tissue Massage
  • 穴點按摩 Shiatsu Massage
  • 淋巴按摩 Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • 五元素按摩 Five Element Massage

  • 芬香療理 Aromatherapy Massage
  • 熱石按摩 Hot Stone Massage
  • 泰式按摩 Thai Massage
  • 芬香療理 Aroma Scrub Therapy
  • 背部鬆筋按摩 Back Muscle Relief

Signature Relaxation

  • 頭皮放松護理 + 造型 Hair and Scalp Aroma Treatments (Includes Blow-Dry Hair)
  • 洗髮 + 造型 Shampoo and Blow-Dry Styling (With Hot Equipment)
  • 剪髮 + 造型 Haircut with Shampoo (Short Hair)